Sale Beautiful Praying Solar Angels With 2 Yellow LED Solar Angel Lights RBPTFZCPJ

Beautiful Praying Solar Angels With 2 Yellow LED Solar Angel Lights RBPTFZCPJ

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HEAVENLY GLOW: 2 special yellow LED lights illuminate the Angel statue from its base to the top, creating a heavenly glow that brings out the spiritual mood at the first look.NO HASSLE OF FINDING ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: A square Crystalline Solar Panel is positioned at the back of the statue to charged up a built-in 600 mAh-AA-Ni-Cad rechargeable battery. Totally no need for power cord connection!PERFECT SIZE FOR STATUE: This 4.25x 6 x11.25 statue has the perfect size for statue to easily fit into any outdoor landscape with limited space.LONG HOURS OF USAGE: 2 Yellow LED lights can shine brilliantly for 8 hour on Full Charge by the solar panel placed under direct sunlight.PERFECT PATIO AND GARDEN DECOR FOR ALL SEASONS: Our beautiful angel statue is the perfect garden decor / gifts for all patio and garden throughout all seasons as Angel is a timeless undeniable symbol of hope, goodness, purity, protection, comfort and consolation. Get it now and let this gorgeous angel statue fill the hearts of your family and friends with hope and calm.

Bring peace and serenity to your home and garden with this beautiful Praying Angel Solar Light. Its 2 yellow LED solar lights shine the statue from its base, giving it a nice heavenly glow.

Why our customer love this Praying Solar Angels for their garden decor

Great Yard Decoration By Colin on May 19, 2015

My favorite part of these lawn sculptures is how diverse they can be. I've placed them in front of my garage, in my garden, and alongside the walk leading up to my front door. I like moving them around because I think it gives my yard more character. A lot of people these days have tacky pink flamingos everywhere, or Christmas decorations up until summer, but I like how classic these statues are. My mom came to visit and particularly enjoyed the way they light up at night — they helped guide her right to my house!

Main Benefits

- No wiring required, ideal for areas where conventional electrical supply is not available.
- Built-in solar panel auto-charged the rechargeable AA Ni-Cd battery fully under full sun exposure for at least 6 hours
- Auto-light up for up to 8 hours of yellow LED light when surrounding turns dark
- Corrosion and Water Resistant

Buy Now and let this lovely angels bless your home and garden!

Beautiful Praying Solar Angels With 2 Yellow LED Solar Angel Lights RBPTFZCPJ

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